Cast Iron

Cast Iron can withheld high heating that makes it not only great for stove top cooking but also oven baking too. Cast Iron cookware are slow to heat up but once it hot, it holds its heat for longer period and great for even cooking. Cast Iron pans are great for searing and outdoor cooking as it holds heat better even if outside temperature fluctuates. If you season your cast iron pan, it can work almost like non-stick pan without chemical coating. It is not easy to maintain cookware though, as it can rust or create acidic food reaction if food is kept in cast iron pan for long time.


  • Good heat conductor
  • Great for outdoor cooking as it retains heat well
  • Easy transfer from stove top to oven
  • Can work like non-stick if seasoned properly
  • Long lasting, durable


  • Not easy to maintain
  • Can rust if not properly maintained
  • Reacts to Acidic food taste and color change
  • Can be quite heavy to handle

Our recommendation:

Cast iron pan with both side handle are great for holding as pan can be heavy and will need more support. Bare cast iron have many benefits, if one can season and maintain it properly. There are also cast iron skillets and griddles with an enamel coating that makes for easier cleaning and maintenance and does not need to be seasoned periodically. We like enamel coated cast iron cookware, as they are easy to maintain, easy to clean and very forgiving cooking pans with all benefits of cast iron without the work of seasoning and maintain it. Enamel cookware tend to be expensive compare to bare cast iron so pick a few pieces set that fits your budget and style.

Our top 3 picks for Cast Iron cookware:

1. Le Creuset 9-Piece Cookware Set
2. Le Creuset Cookware Set , 20 Piece
3. Iron Chef Challenger’s 9 Piece Cast Iron set

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