Top Brands

Cookware industry has a few large and reputable that manufactures some of most popular brands. Many brands may fall into one large corporations with quite a few mergers. Here are some popular cookware brands that many chefs and home cooks know and love to use.

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All-Clad is used by most professional and celebrity chefs and they provide quality cookware and has great attention to detail that makes them stand out. All-Clad produces mainly stainless steel, aluminum and copper products. There is also a line that is endorsed by the chef Emeril Lagasse called Emerilware is also all-clad.Click here to find out more about All-clad Cookware sets .
Calphalon make very good non-stick, and stainless steel cookwares. In addition to, they recently started making smaller line of cast iron and copper cookware also. They have some non-stick selection that is dish washer safe for those who do not want to hand wash their cookware. They have reasonable to high hand prices on cookware.Click here to find out more about Calphalon Cookware set .
Anolon and Circulon Anolon and Circulon brand are both manufactured under Meyer Corporation and both brands features non-stick cookware that are non-stick inside as well as outside too. Usually these brands are well liked by most consumer and reasonable priced compared to fit many people’s budget.Click here to find out more about Analon Cookware Set.
Click here to find out more about Circulon cookware Set .
Our team loves and owns may Cuisinart cookware. They offer, stainless steel, non-stick, and hard anodized cookware. They recently introduced green (eco friendly) line which uses ceramic rather than petroleum-based surfaces. This brand cookwares are very reasonably priced and easy to afford it.Click here to find out more about Cuisinart Cookware Set .
Another Meyer Corporation brand that is aimed at the mid-to-lower-priced market. Farberware is more than 100 year old company and offers quality, classic and reliable cookware for home and professional chefs.The brand offers products in both uncoated and non-stick stainless steel, hard anodize and aluminum.Click here to find out more about Farberware Cookware Set .
Rachel Ray brand
Many viewers of FOOD TV network love Rachel ray’s 30 minutes cooking and other shows. She has her own brand of cookware like other food tv chef and she seem to love color of orange!, as many of cookware and other product are in cool colors such as orange, blue and green!Click here to find out more about Rachel Ray Cookware Sets .
Emeril Lagasse
The new Orleans’s famous chef and cook who made “BAM” word so fun and popular has his brand of kitchenware, spices and cooking sets. The brand includes non-stick, clad, cast iron, stainless steel and more.Click here to find out more about Emeril’s Cookware sets .
Kitchenaid was first started in 1919 with mixer and has been number one for mixers but recently have started with cookware too. They make very affordable kitchen products and cookwares.Click here to find out more about Kitchenaid Cookware Set .
Le Creuset
They are making stoneware and enamel cast iron product since 1925. They started in France but now have a global presence. They have some mid to high price range in product and well liked by most experts and consumers alike.Click here to find out more about Le Crueset Cookware Set .
Stuab is family owned cookware company from France in Alsace. They make quality enamel cast iron product and loved by the professional chef and keen home cooks. Staub’s most products comes with lifetime warranty. Staub offers a wide range of cooking utensils, ceramic items, heating stoves and cookers.Click here to find out more about Staub Cookware.
Lodge is a famous brand among chefs and it is one of the oldest American cookware brand that started in 1896 in Tennessee, USA. They manufacture cast iron cookware and bakeware including, skillet, griddles and dutch ovens and they recently introduced enamel coated cookware.Click here to find out more about Lodge Cookware .
Chef’s Secret
Chef’s secret sells mostly stainless steel and aluminum and enamel coated quality cookware. They sell various cookware sets, cutlery, griddle and other items. The parent company Maxam/BNF sells through only Amazon and other online retailers and not open to direct buying for public.Click here to find our more about Chef’s secret cookware