5 Camping lessons that will help you with your next camping trip

Summer is the perfect time for going camping. I love cooking and supposed to be expert at buying and cooking in great cookware set. However, when it comes to camping I have a long ways to go and learn. Although I have gone camping before, but not in traditional sense like in outdoor camping gears with tents and no electricity.

We have done it recently with kids and back to report that it had been quite an experience. Our little one did not sleep well at the night. Our air mattress were wobbly and the camping stove we took with us, quit on us on first day after making one meal. Luckily, we were in group and other camper had the camping stove.

We learned a few lessons from our camping trips with kids and want to share some lessons here. We will surely do it again, with much better planning and less exceptions.

1. Take plenty of toys and distraction for kids to enjoy. If you don’t have kids, take novel, knitting or other hobbies to bring which you do not find time for it in daily life.

Although nature is wonderful, we had a hike and we looked for animal and bird tracking, having some toys, crayons and drawing papers helped us during the time, when we were cooking, cleaning and setting things up.

2. If possible, go with a group of people while you learn various tricks of camping.

If you are newbie campers like us, it is sure nice to go with other campers who might have more camping experience compared to you. Not only you will learn different things from them, but also something you forgot something or something stopped working like our stove, you will have a back up for it.

3. Buy quality camping cooking stove.

We bought one on cheaper side and although it might have worked for some, our stove died in middle of our first meal. We should have spent more and bought Camp Chef Mountain Series Stove or Coleman Stove.

Also we had no clue how many propane tanks will be needed. It might be good idea to buy some extra and have a back up cooking ideas such as cooking on coals or wood over the fire pit. That may work also. There are also many places that fill up propane in your old propane container so save empty ones to save money on future propane or butane filling.

4. Bring plenty of drinking and cooking water.

We never knew how much water we use in daily life until we are at the camp. Our water quantity was running low and we barely made it. Also, it might be good idea to buy some water filtration things just in case of emergency. There might be a few stores near by where you can buy water or ice. If everything fails, you can ask camp host for suggestions.

Buy ice packs from grocery stores just before you leave and fill out large water container packs from warehouse stores or grocery stores before you leave as it can be quite expensive when you buy it near camping site.

5. Do not buy flimsy cooking cookware.

We were told by a few people to buy light weighted cookware and plates and we did. We had light weight Cheap Aluminum set and plastic plates and utensils.

Next time, we will buy Cheap nonstick regular cookware set (albeit lot cheaper version and much affordable) to use during cookout. It will hold and cook much better and food will not stick to the bottom of the pan likes ours did.

Also, regular bare cast iron dutch oven such as Lodge Cast-Iron Camp Dutch Oven is great for cooking over coals or propane stove and many of them hold a meal or two for a crowd of people.

For cooking in dutch oven, we have bought Lodge Texas Treasury of Dutch Oven Cooking Cookbook, that will give us plenty of ideas to cook delicious and easy meals away from home in woods.

Plastic plates were good but cleaning was not so easy during camping, next time i would probably buy Coleman Enamelware Dining Kit, enamel coated plates, mugs and bowls or stainless steels ones with silverware. Cheap plastic ware was good for one use and not great for reusing it.


Whenever you are outdoor, enjoy your time, bring warm coats or shawls to wrap yourself in during chilly evenings. Take plenty of pictures, see nature and relax. Work will always be there, when you get back to life again.

For any other camping needs, check out here –>Camping equipments for more ideas on what one might be needing away from home at the campsite.

Do you have any tips or suggestions to add? I sure would like to hear from you.

This is post from Pamela Parmar and if you want to know more about her site check out: Cookware HeadQuarters and Pressure cooker and Canner review along with many kitchenware, cutlery and kitchen gadgets information in her site.

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