Benefits of Cast Iron Cooking

cast iron

Cast Iron cookware are one of the best choices for many passionate professional and home cooks. These type of cookware has many advantages and benefits compared to other cookware material. First of all, it is great heat conductor and it retains the heat very well which makes food cook evenly and thoroughly in the cast iron pot.

Since this material can withstand the high heat, it is not only great for stove top cooking but it makes great choice for oven cooking too. In addition to this materials holds the heat inside well, even outside temperature fluctuate, making it also great for camping cookout choice for cooking.

There are two types of pots and pans available. One is bare cast iron which will need seasoning and regular maintenance. Second type is enamel based coated, which is little bit more expensive but one does not need to season it and do maintenance to use it.

Some of the benefits and advantages of this material:

  1. Great heat conductor,
  2. Maintains heat well, if outside temperature changes
  3. Great for outdoor BBQ or camping cookout
  4. Can be used on stove top as well inside the oven
  5. If seasoned properly, it works like nonstick material
  6. Durable and strong

Bare cast iron is relatively inexpensive but needs seasoning the pan and cleaning and maintaining it properly. Many of this type of cookware are not dishwasher safe and have to be hand washed. It can rust easily and if you leave acidic food inside the pan for longer time, food may change its color or taste because of iron metal so it is good idea to transfer the food after cooking to another plate or serving pot.

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