The Tao of Healthy Eating: Dietary Wisdom According to Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Chinese dietary therapy is one of the most important aspects of Chinese medicine. The Tao of Healthy Eating illuminates the theory and practice of Chinese dietary therapy with emphasis on the concerns and attitudes of Westerners. Commonsense metaphors explain basic Chinese medical theories and their application in preventive and remedial dietary therapy. It features a clear description of the Chinese medical understanding of digestion and all the practical implications if this for day-to-day diet. Issues of Western interest are discussed, such as raw versus cooked foods, high cholesterol, food allergies, and candidiasis. It includes the Chinese medical descriptions of 200 Western food and similar information on vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

NEW features in the SECOND EDITION include Chinese characters and pinyin throughout the text for important terms. Not one, but several healthy eating pyramids for different dietary styles. New discussions of the modern Western diet, trans-fat, corn syrup, pesticides, and chemical additives. Recipes for pattern discriminations and a concise history of Chinese dietary therapy.

Here is one person had to say: My journey into Chinese Medicine began with acupuncture. Soon I gravitated towards herbs and TCM in general. Now this book has introduced me to the importance of diet in medicine. Sadly, this aspect is atrociously neglected in western medical science. I had already started incorporating elements of diet therapy into my practice, with success. I then started looking for more instructional material on the subject. I purchased Bob Flaws’ book and it has helped me learn new material and reinforce my own personal observations regarding diet. Not only do I heartily recommend this volume, I bought one for a patient of mine who is into organic farming!

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The Tao of Healthy Eating: Dietary Wisdom According to Traditional Chinese Medicine

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