Cut onion without crying

I love cooking with onions in almost of my savory dishes from sauces, soup, salad and stew. One of the issue is onion tears which I can do without. Here are a few ways to make how to make onion cutting easier. See the video below to have technique on how to cut onion without crying. Here are some my own tips that works for me.

  1. Place onion in fridge 30 minutes or more before cutting it.
  2. Place cut onion in cold water
  3. Wear clear goggles while cutting it
  4. Buy mini food processor or chopper and you’ll never have to cry
  5. Cut very fast
  6. Use sharp knife
  7. Ask your friend or spouse to cut it for you. 🙂

Following may help with onion cutting as well as other cooking tips.

Jack Scalfani shows you the secret to cutting an onion without crying. Be sure to subscribe to this channel and see Jack’s new channel:

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