How to create a great Halloween Bash

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Halloween is around the corner and many people have great Halloween party at home! If you are planning one here are some ideas to make to party the best for your budget as well as fun so it will be spook-tacular gathering. We will look at from costume, games, food , music and decorations to make best experience for your guests!

What to wear: Halloween Costume

Halloween costumes are important part of the gathering and lot of fun. We get to be always someone we want to, such as pirate, Super hero, Princess Leia or even Michael Jackson. There are sometimes a great costume that couple can wear together such as Fred & Daphne, or Sonny & Cher .

You can buy costume from many places or buy used, borrow or simply make one, you do not need to spend lot of money to have a great costume. You can view make your own costume for simple ideas that you can do at home to make costume that are DIY and cost free or almost free.

Halloween Decorations

Halloween is nothing without spooky and fun frolic decorations. Halloween store at amazon has a many great ideas for everything you may want for Halloween decor to costume.

Spooky and delicious cookware to serve food

No party will be fun without food and people. You can make and bake food in fun and whimsical Halloween theme cookware and dishes to serve!

I have old Halloween cookbook that I use to make delicious food, it is called Tricks and Treats Halloween Cookbook , which has a many old fashioned recipes that I love to make. You can use any book you may have or borrow one from a friend to get some ideas for food to share.

Here are some great recipes from other food blogs that I love to visit, and I am sure you will love it too, check it out;

Beth from Budget Bytes shares Pumpkin Bread Pudding Recipe that is not only easy to make but also very inexpensive.

Stella from Witchy Kitchen shares her Perfect Pita Pizza , which is simply perfect for parties and gathering.

Family fun Magazine which I love has 15 Halloween snacks that kids and adults will love.

Party Games

You can host a pumpkin carving games by buying extra pumpkin from pumpkin patch or ask each guest to bring one and provide Pumpkin Carving Kit at party!

You can also have a best carving pumpkin winner choosing and giving a small gift of candle or home made sauce or salsa to take home.

One time we shared a spooky stories in candle lights and it was fun and bit scary at the same time. If you have small children at the party, keep the games simple such as Halloween crafts to do. You can also watch some scary movies and listen to fun music. One party we had all practiced and did the dance on Micheal Jackson’s thriller. It was so much fun and everyone participated including old uncles and young kids.

Whatever you decide to do, have fun and stay safe!

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