How to Lose Weight Effectively for Boxing

After Thanksgiving and Christmas feast, and new year party, I always gain weight. Plus I love food and love to cook and eat out so that does not help. However a friend of mine recommended this DVD and I am going to try it out this time for new year resolution and lose weight while still cook and eat the food I love. I think that is great workout at fraction of cost of going to private person at gym to lose a weight, try it out.

  • Permanent Weight Loss Dynamics and Nutrition Guidelines for Every Athlete

Product Description
With the exception of the extremely elite, every athlete – at every level – is looking to achieve top physical form, lose weight and keep it off. Justin Fortune, professional trainer and conditioning coach, along with Freddie Roach, former top ranked boxer and hall-of-fame trainer for the Wild Card Boxing Gym in Hollywood, California, takes you through the nutrition, diet and weight loss recommendations that have proved successful for hundreds of former and current amateurs, professionals and world champions. Learn what foods to eat and avoid; meal frequency and portions, nutritional requirements, diet do’s and don’ts, and much, much more. No fad or gimmick, discover tried-and-true principles and life-changing habits that have been the building blocks of boxers, athletes and nonathletes for years. Complete with a comprehensive diet and nutrition program plus a bonus training and workout recommendation list to help maintain ideal body weight upon reaching the goal.

TITLE DVD – Hw to Lose Weight Effectively for Boxing

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