How To Use Knifes, Forks And Spoon Correctly.

How to use knifes, forks and spoon correctly.

Generally, knifes and forks will b used together, in case of there are many of knifes and forks served on the table, both left and right hand side. You have to use them in order form the knifes or forks that lay on the most outside to the most inside. If you find that there are a lot of forks served on the table, the meal may consist of a’ la carte that use only forks to eat, which means that spoons and soup spoons will be served next to the knifes.

How to carry spoons

The way that you use to carry spoons is very much the same as you hold pencil. Most people carry spoons by using all fingers to grab on the spoons, which I am not recommending, because it’s wrong. You can check whether you carry spoons correctly is your index finger tip will locate at the middle of the spoon.

Carry forks are also the same as carry spoons but in general, you have to turn the face down and stick to the food. However, in some case, using forks to scoop rice or beans may be difficult if you turn its face down, do you can use it by turning face up, because sometime, turning the face up will make you eat and scoop the food more comfortable and this is acceptable. It doesn’t matter whether you you’re your left hand or right had carrying forks, you can use same way that you carrying spoon to use them. The only thing that you need to remember is when you use both spoons and forks, do not let the food fall down out of the spoon.

What we are going to do if you have not finished the meal but want to drop spoons/forks

during the meal, there must be the occasion that you have to have a conversation with other people, drink wine etc. For these situation, you will have to temporarily put down spoons and forks. The correct way to put down spoons and forks is you have to put them on your plate by turn the face down. If you have to put down a knife, make sure that you put the sharp side in.

Most important thing, always be careful when you using knifes and forks

The most important thing that you should aware of when using them is the noise. Knifes, spoons, forks are mostly made from metal and the plate that you use generally made from glazed tile. Therefore, it is unavoidable that they will have sound, which sometimes will annoy other people in the same table. However, I am not asking you to pay extra attention not to make a sound, but if it has to be, just be careful to let it happen in minimum and annoy people.

Do not play with spoons and forks by swing or point it to other people and do not use knife to pick up the food instead of using a fork.

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