Other types of cookware material

In addition to stainless steel, non-stick, cast-iron, copper, hard anodized, multi-ply or all-clad cookware, there are a few other types of cookware and bakeware material that some of you might be interested in. Let’s look at those materials in details.

Carbon steel

Carbon steel cookware is usually rolled or hammered into tiny thin sheets of material. Material supposed to be strong and holds heat well enough. This type of material is best suited for woks, crepe frying pan and paella pots, where curved shapes holds heating where required during stirring. One of the issue with carbon steel is that it need to be seasoned with oil before using and needs to be repeated as needed. Over time, the surface will be black and non-stick like cast-iron material.

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Enamel cast-iron:

Enameled cast iron cooking pans are made of cast iron covered or coated with a porcelain surface. This creates a win-win situation for heat conducting of cast iron without the acidic food reactivity and almost works a non-stick surface.

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Enamel over stainless steel:


Enamel over stainless steel has heat conducting of carbon steel with non-reactive surface from acidic food.
They are usually cheaper compared to stainless steel pot and are much lighter in weight. They do not get rusted but not as strong. Because of the lighter weight and cheap price, it is very popular cookware for camp outing.

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