What type of pot rack to choose?


Pot racks:

Pot racks are very functional kitchen item to hold and display cooking pots and pans. Pot racks comes in various material such as wood, wrought iron and steel. Pot racks can have same finish or stain to match your pots and your kitchen decor.

Some of the benefits are not only for storing your pots and pan and also looks beautiful, specially if you have nice stainless steel or copper cookware to show off. Other benefit that for me, is ease of reaching during cooking, I do not have to bend down in bottom cabinet to find right pot or pan, it is right there in front of me. It is also easier to place on the rack after each use and cleaning. It also saves much needed space in kitchen cabinets.

There are basically three types of pot racks that many chef and cook use.

1. Hanging Pot Racks


When people think pot racks, they are mostly thinking of hanging pot racks and much more common. They are installed into kitchen ceiling and comes with extension hooks or hanging links. Pots and pans and some hanging utensils can hung from grid using the hooks. Grid comes in either oval, round or rectangular shape.

We like, Enclume MPB-06 RACK IT UP Bookshelf Pot Rack and Old Dutch Oval Pot Rack

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2. Wall racks

For kitchen which has either low ceiling or more wall space, this solution for hanging pots on wall makes perfect sense. It can work like extend part of upper cabinets in your kitchen. Wall racks can have grid similar to hanging pot racks but vertical and mounted on wall instead of ceiling. They are attached to wall via wall studs and pots can be hung from knobs on the grid. Before mounting on any wall, just make sure that you drill in to stud and not drywall.

We like: Rogar International Wall Mounted Kitchen Rack

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3. Free Standing Pot Racks


Stand alone or free standing pot racks or cookware stands are just as name suggest, stands alone, not attached to wall or ceiling and usually have designer look. Some look like a tall bookshelf or dish racks and have pots are displayed on wood on different shelf levels. Some other stand-alone pot-rack can let you hook your pots and pans on like a tree.

We like, Old dutch 5 foot long cookware stand and Enclume 6 Tier Cookware Stand

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Our recommendation:

Pot racks can free up your kitchen storage, make your kitchen into professional & designer look and are easy to reach and put pots and pans away. We prefer hanging pot rack more as many household kitchen it saves wall space, kitchen space and cabinet storage while enhancing the decor of your kitchen. Wall mounted pot racks are also great if you have extra wall space in your kitchen. We like the beautiful and clean look of stand alone pot racks but they tend to be on expensive side.

Pot rack can be a great display and storage for your best cookware in your kitchen. Regardless of which type of pot rack you choose, make sure you choose a sturdy rack that can hold the weight of your pots, pans and other decorative items and large enough to fit your most of pots and pans that you can display without making it look overcrowded. If you use wall rack or hanging rack, make sure drill hole in stud and not dry wall.

Best Pot Racks

1. Enclume 6 Tier Cookware Stand

2. Rogar International Wall Mounted Pot Rack

3.  Old Dutch Hanging Pot rack