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The Complete Italian Vegetarian Cookbook: 350 Essential Recipes for Inspired Everyday Eating

The Complete Italian Vegetarian Cookbook: 350 Essential Recipes for Inspired Everyday Eating

This uniquely accessible collection draws together the best vegetarian recipes of Italy-350 in all. ‘Pasta and pizza may be Italy’s most eye-catching exports, but it is the country’s varied and sensible use of vegetables that provides the best inspiration for American cooks,’ writes Jack Bishop. ‘Asparagus spears coated with a little olive oil and roasted to intensify their flavor; thick slices of country bread grilled over an open fire and topped with diced tomatoes and shredded basil from the garden; or… Continue reading

Great Cooking and Health Related eBooks


New year is going to be around the corner and many people will make personal resolution to eat better and be healthier. That is certainly a good goal and I make that almost every year! If you are thinking about changing your health and eating habits for better, we have found some great ebooks for you check it out. eBooks are electronic or digital form of regular book which you can read on your computer, your kindle reader and send it loved ones via email. We love following eBooks, and I am sure… Continue reading

How To Develop Healthy Eating Habits

Watch this video for a demonstration of “How To Develop Healthy Eating Habits”. Tocomplete the task, you will need: Cooking facilities A shopping list Healthy foods Get started with the first step: Cook and prepare your own meals as often as you can. This will help you avoid eating processed and fast foods, which are higher in sodium and fat. For the complete guide, go to Also check out Howcast for other do it yourself videos from Equilibrio and more videos in the Better Health category. How can you contribute? Create your own DIY guide at or apply to the Howcast Emerging Filmmakers Program at

Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy: The Harvard Medical School Guide to Healthy Eating

Eat, Drink and Be Healthy Book Review

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As seen on the Today show! The National Bestseller Based on Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health Research…A Revolutionary Guide to Healthy Eating That Topples the USDA Food Pyramid In Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy, Dr. Walter Willett explains why the USDA guidelines — the famous food pyramid — are not only wrong but also dangerous. Debunking current dietary myths such as the evils of eggs and how high milk consumption does a body good. Really good for those who want… Continue reading

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