Thermal Cooker

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Thermal cooker guide:

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What is thermal cooker?

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So, how do you cook in thermal cooker?

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Cooking in thermal cooker is very simple and easy. Put your ingredients in inner pot from your recipe book. Put the inner pot on stove top for about 10 minutes or so, bringing to boil. Take it off from stove and place inner pot inside the outer pot of thermal cooker. Close the lid and you are done with cooking! That is it, really.

Based on your cooker and recipe you choose, food can be ready in 30 minutes or longer and it can keep hot for 6-12 hours, depending on brand and size of your thermal cooker.

What kind of food you can make with thermal cooker?

You can make soup, stew, rice dishes, bake a bread, cake and other main meals such as chili, chicken dishes, vegetable dishes, beans, cabbage roles and much more. Anything that can be cooked in slow cooker or crock pot can be cooked in the thermal cooker.

How does it cook without power?


After your place the inner pot inside the insulated outer pot, cooking will start in vacuum sealed pot.The food will continue to cook in its own heat. The insulated vacuum thermos thermal cooker have great heat retention and inside temperature can retain about 160 degree even after 8 hours.Some food will be cooked faster while other may take longer time. For example, rice can be done in 30 minutes, beef brisket can take up to 3.5 hours. Thermal cooker manufacture guide will have more information based on different brand and size of the thermal cooker.

You can leave thermal cooker unattended as there are no electricity or power cords to worry about. Nor thermal cooking requires your monitoring the cooking. That is the reason its make a great kitchen gadgets to cook in while you go to work, sleep, go out, in picnic, during car drive trips, camping and so on.

Our favorite way to use thermal cooker is to take it during our car drives, vacation and picnic time.

Benefits of thermal cooker:

  • No extra power , electricity or energy needed
  • Cook for 10 minutes on stove top, finish cooking by it self in outer pot
  • Can leave unattended, as no power cord
  • Can take it camping, day car trips and cook meals anywhere
  • Keeps flavor, nutrients inside your food
  • No smoke, odor, grease
  • Easy clean up
  • Food can keep hot for 6-12 hours without any power
  • Food can keep hot or cold both
  • Great for picnics, potlucks
  • Convenient, and easy way to cook
  • Great for busy people who want to cook at home
  • It is similar to slow cooker but with benefits

Important and simple safety tips for your thermal cooker:

  • Important to note that do not fill your inner pot more than 80%, as more food, more heat it will create.
  • Do not open before food is cooked (within 30 minutes) as it will cause it to lose heat rapidly which is required to cook the food in its own heat in vacuum.
  • Do not leave food longer than what manufacture’s guidelines says, usually between 6-12 hours. Check to make sure.

Choosing a thermal cooker:

If you think thermal cooker is right choice for you, how do you go about choosing the right one for you? There are many brands and models out there from from affordable to expensive range and different sizes. Tiger and Thermos thermal along with Zojirushi brands makes good quality thermal cookers.

We bought cheapest one at first, while it did it job and worked alright however, some of the food we needed to cook longer than 10 minutes in order for it to retain high heat. It was trial and error before we figured we needed a better thermal cooker and we bought another one that is working just right for us and I tell you a secret, it is not the most expensive one. It is Thermos Thermal Cooker.

There are many sizes of thermal cooker, we recommend that you buy at least 5 liter size or bigger thermal cooker otherwise you will be not able to feed more than 2 peoples in it. Some larger sizes include 8 liter size too for larger family needs. Thermal cooker can be best small appliance investment for many households.

In addition to there are some thermal cooker that comes with 2 inner pots, instead of one, so you can cook two different dishes at the same time. If you have 2 inner pots and want to make only one type of food, make sure you put ingredient in one pot and hot, boiled water in other inner pot to put it inside outer pot to retain enough heat to cook throughout.

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