101 Healthy Vegan Christmas Recipes

Vegan Recipes For Christmas

The first complete collection of healthy and energy packed vegan recipes for Christmas from all over the world!

This book will prove to you that vegans can enjoy their Christmas meal as much as everyone else does with delicious and outstanding dishes, new flavors and interesting combinations of ingredients

This extraordinary cookbook is a healthy and creative alternative to the normal and heavy Christmas dinner which is based on animal products. With this book’s recipes, you will be able to keep to your healthy diet with the great abundance of international vegan cuisine!

Have you thought how awesome it would be to prepare a festive and complete holiday meal, which is based only on natural ingredients and still enjoy wonderful and fine delicacies? If so, this book is exactly for you because it includes 101 vegan recipes from many different cultures for you to make the healthiest holiday meal in the world. And to make your meal even more interesting and unique, you will find within this book 25 original raw food appetizers to boost your meal with a lot of wonderful energy.

In 101 Healthy Vegan Recipes for Christmas you will find:

50 Christmas appetizers

25 vegan main course recipes

26 vegan desserts

3 Advantages of this cookbook:

1. The great diversity of the recipes from Italy, Morocco, France, Germany and many other countries, each one natural and harmonious with nature.

2. Easy-to-prepare vegan and raw food recipes that are full of nutritional value.

3. Recipes that are based on products that can be consumed anywhere and that cost very little money.

So, if you want to make a festive, delicious, interesting and, most importantly, healthy and harmonious with nature holiday meal you should not pass up this book!

Click below and grab a copy today.

101 Healthy Vegan Christmas Recipes

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