What is thermal cooker? How it can be useful in your kitchen


What is Thermal Cooker?

Have you heard of thermal cooker? We sure did not, that is until a year ago, when we started learning more ways about cooking healthy food in shortest time possible. Let us look at what is thermal cooker and what makes it a special thing in your kitchen and cooking.

Thermal cooker is life savior of us, it is basically economical, healthy and very convenient way to cook. You place your ingredients in inner pot, place the lid and bring to boil on your stove top for about 10 minutes. Take it inner pot off the stove and place it in outer thermal pot. Forget about it, go to work, watch a movie, go for a walk or best take a nap. It is safe enough to leave unattended as there are power cord or electric outlet to worry about. See our detailed review of thermal cooker guide and review here: Thermal Cooker Review

How does it work?

Best part about thermal cooker is that, food can be cooked during traveling via car, camping or suitable for any outdoor cooking as no power cord is required to cook and keep food hot. We take our thermal cooker in day outing, so when we reach our destination, our home cooked, delicious meal is hot and ready to eat. We do not have to now worry about finding a place to eat, wait in line and spend money to eat unhealthy fast food joints that we used to eat when we were out.

Thermal cooker will cook for food for you in 30 minutes or so but it can keep it warm up to 8 hours. Thermal cooker let you preserve food’s nutrients as it is cooked in its own moisture and steam. When you are ready to eat, just open up outer thermal pit and your healthy, nutritional and flavorful meal is ready for you. It is economical as it does not need extra energy to maintain heat or cold for up to 12 hours, it also save your fuel costs and money.

It does not over cook and clean up easily. It keeps flavors, mineral and vitamins in your food. Does not create smoke, odor or grease in your kitchen. What is not to love? Let’s recap wonderful benefits of thermal cooker;

Benefits of Thermal cooker

  • No extra power , electricity or energy needed
  • Cook for 10 minutes on stove top, finish cooking by it self in outer pot
  • Can leave unattended, as no power cord
  • Can take it camping, day car trips and cook meals anywhere
  • Keeps flavor, nutrients inside your food
  • No smoke, odor, grease
  • Easy clean up
  • Food can keep hot for 6-12 hours without any power
  • Food can keep hot or cold both
  • Great for picnics, potlucks
  • Convenient, and easy way to cook
  • Great for busy people who want to cook at home
  • It is similar to slow cooker but with benefits

Thermal cooker are very popular in Asia and beginning to get lot of buzz now in US and Europe. To find out more about thermal cooker here –>Thermal Cookers

Best Thermal Cookers:

Thermos Thermal Cooker RPC-6000 2x3L & 6L Stainless Steel Pots
Thermos Thermal Cooker RPC-6000 2x3L & 6L Stainless Steel Pots

Further reading:

Also check out our Thermal cooker guide in Guides section for more detailed information and tips if thermal cooker is right for you?

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