Seasoning your carbon steel wok

How to season your carbon steel Wok?

Best traditional woks are made of carbon steel material. What is a carbon steel? Carbon steel is usually rolled or hammered into tiny thin sheets of material. Material supposed to be strong and holds heat well enough. Hand hammered and double to triple ply woks are generally best quality.

You got the carbon steel Wok and love it, what is next step to season it? Let’s look at ways to season your carbon steel wok. Just to be sure seasoning steps are only for carbon steel material and do not use it season your cast iron cookware. Please see Bare cast iron seasoning steps.

Step 1:

Wash the wok in hot water with mild detergent soap with a sponge.

Step 2:

Scrub the exterior with scrubber but do not use anything abrasive inside the wok pan.

Step 3:

Rinse the wok in water and dry it completely with a dish towel.

Step 4:

Place the wok on high heat stove top.

Step 5:

Turn and tilt the wok throughout rim and back until the material turns bluish-yellow color.

Step 6:

Take wok off from stove and turn the heat down.

Step 7:

Use high fat oil such as Crisco or coconut oil with your hand or paper towel, putting a thin layer inside of your carbon steel wok.

Step 8:

Again heat the wok on medium low heat for 10 minutes or so.

Step 9:

Cool off the wok and use paper towel to wipe the off the oil from the inside. If you see black residue on the paper towel, that means you did seasoning steps right!

Step 10:

Repeat steps 7 to 9, (about 3 times or so) until no black residue comes off on paper towel.

Your carbon steel wok is ready to use now. Go ahead and make delicious stir fry and feel the difference.

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