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The New Zojirushi Micom Rice Cooker and Warmer is a three cup rice cooker. It has a micro computerized Fuzzy logic technology and is famously called fuzzy logic rice cooker type with more than basic automated features. The exterior of this rice cooker and is shiny, clean and clear-coated stainless steel which makes it unique in design. It has a automatic keep warm feature and a spherical inner cooking pan and heating system.

Fuzzy Logic Technology

This rice cooker produces a restaurant quality and fluffy rice at home. You can not burn this rice, even when you forget¬† it for hours as it is practically foolproof with this 3-cup electric rice cooker and warmer. Multi-menu selections using micro-computerized Fuzzy logic technology control the temperature for efficient cooking of many different types of rice including white, sushi, porridge, brown, and quick cooking. The unit’s automatic keep-warm function keeps rice at an ideal serving temperature until it’s ready to be served.

For added convenience, the appliance comes equipped with an extra-large colored LCD display with clock and timer function, a spherical inner nonstick cooking pan and heating system. This rice cooker also has a convenient detachable inner lid for easy cleaning, and a built-in retractable cord to help keep counter tops looking neat and clean.


What is includes:

It weighs about 7 pounds and Accessories includes;

  • Measuring cup
  • Nonstick rice spatula
  • Spatula holder.
  • 450 watt motor and outer container
  • Rice inner pot

With its durable clear-coated stainless-steel exterior, the 450-watt rice cooker measures 11-1/2 by 9 by 7-1/4 inches and carries a one-year limited warranty.

What we like:

  • Measuring cup, spatula and spatula holder included
  • LCD display with timer
  • Non stick inner pot
  • Keep warm function without burning rice
  • Micro computerized fuzzy logic technology
  • 3 cup rice size, perfect for small family or occasional rice eater
  • Menu selections include white, sushi, porridge, brown, and quick cooking
  • Maintains and fluctuates temperature to cook perfect rice
  • It looks attractive and beautiful on counter top
  • Easy clean up
  • You can make variety type of rice, brown, basmati, sushi, jasmine, wild rice and even mixed rice
  • Distribute heat evenly
  • Setting up timer to when to start cooking
  • Retractable cord: Good for houses with small kids or pets
  • Spatula holder is added bonus
  • Can even make oatmeal, polenta and more stuff
  • Easy to use
  • Not too heavy to move it around
  • Great for every day use
  • Controls are easy to handle
  • Can cook rice pilaf with tofu and vegetables mix with rice

Things to consider:

  • 3 cups size might be small for more than 2 people
  • It is on pricier side
  • Note: Different type of rice need different amount of water, follow it for fluffy and al-dente rice

How much does it sell for and where to get best price for it?

This rice cooker has fuzzy, microchips inside, making it more pricier compared to basic rice cooker set. This cooker gets 5 star rating from most customer so it is worth the price for many. If you are small family, this rice cooker might just be perfect for you. We have found varied prices on this rice cooker and best price we have found is below;

Click here for more information Zojirushi Micom 3-Cup Rice Cooker and Warmer, Stainless Steel

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