How to clean cast iron cookware?


Using newly seasoned cast iron cookware:

Make sure you first season a cast iron pan before using it properly. Once the cast iron seasoned it will be fairly black and glossy like non-stick surface. Keep using a little oil in the beginning during cooking until it becomes fully seasoned. If your bare cast iron does not have wood or rubber handle bar, do not forget to use kitchen towels to hold the pan, as it can get super hot!

How to clean cast iron cookware?

Bare cast iron cookware can not be washed or cleaned in dishwasher as the process can remove and damage the seasoning the cast iron pan has.

A few experts advices on never cleaning the cast iron pan and simply wiping them off after each use. We like to wash our bare cast iron pan in hot water with sponge or dish rag. If there is a food stuck on it, best approach is to fill the pan with hot water and mild soap and let it sit for 30 minutes before cleaning it out with sponge.

Some parts in Asia people clean their bare cast iron is to scour with coarse salt and clean towel to clean and maintain it.

Not using a dishwasher can be extra work for many cooks, but it is worth the time for many bare cast iron aficionado cooks. For those who like the ease of cleaning with benefit of cast iron heat conductivity can use enamel based cast iron pan that can be used in dishwasher. Check your manufacture guide before putting your enamel cast iron cookware in dishwasher just to make sure.

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