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You recommended “18/10” describing stainless steel cookware. What is that?

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Can I put Le Creuset in oven?

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Do you have cookware reviews on site? How do we know it honest?

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How to Choose Right Cookware?

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I am using bare cast iron for my camping trip and it seems to be doing fine, how do I season it?

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Thank you for answering above question, how to maintain my cast iron pot so it will last long.

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I love cooking Chinese food at home but how do I clean and maintain my wok ?

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I am looking to eat healthy and everyone is talking about Vitamix is right one. I think they are bit on expensive side, am I doomed to eat healthy?

However, we think there are other blender you can choose and cook and eat healthy too. Cookware does not need to be expensive or brand name. Here is one that we like which is under $100. Kitchenaid Blender. So rest assured you can still eat healthy and save money.

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My mother came from old fashioned way of cooking, she cooked rice in pot and drained the water. I do not want to stay and stand in kitchen while rice are boiling. I heard of rice cooker but I am overwhelmed, how to pick right rice cooker?

Your mom sounds like my mom, she used to rice same way too.There are Various types of Rice cookers  I like to cook but I like to also have life so I use an electric rice cooker that works so well for me. The key is to find a good quality kitchenware that will last you long time.

Best electric rice cooker review

I want to eat hot and warm food when I am out camping or hiking, without having to slave over stove, is there a better way for me to achieve that at all or am I asking too much?

No, you are certainly not. There is a way to do it and it is called Thermal Cooker or Thermal Pot. They are more popular in Asian Countries compared to US so many of us in America have not heard of it. I got to know about it through a friend and I am hooked now. To find out more check out here.

Thermal Cooker Review

What is thermal cooker and how can it save you time?

What is Difference between Nonstick and Hard Anodized, I am confused.

Sometimes many people use non stick or hard anodized interchangeably, or sometimes both are called at nonstick cookware. Both are similar as they both tend to be nonstick however there is a big difference. Biggest one of it that nonstick mostly have teflon chemical coating to make it feel and act as nonstick and with extensive use that chemical coating may peel off. Hard anodized is much safer to use as it does not have teflon coating so nothing to worry about coating peeling off.  See:

Hard Anodized Cookware

Nonstick Cookware

What is Clad? Is that better than only stainless steel?

Stainless steel is durable and inexpensive material for cookware set. However it does not have a good heat conductivity to make food cook evenly as copper or cast iron. Copper is best heat conductive but tend to be very expensive for daily use so best of both world was created by placing thin layer of copper or other heat conductive metal between thin layers of stainless steel. Which made clad stainless steel more stronger, better heat conductive without the price of expensive copper cookware. All Clad brand uses only clad stainless steel.

You can learn more about it here: Clad or Multi Ply Cookware

I love clad cookware, but All Clad Brand is bit more expensive, does other brand make clad cookware at reasonable price?

Clad Stainless Steel cookware tend to be little more expensive then pure non layered stainless steel material, however much cheaper compared to copper cookware. (see above). All Clad makes only clad stainless steel and one of the best brand used by many professional chefs and cook. If you can afford even one frying pan, try it and compare it once and you will know the difference.

However, there are other clad cookware you can from other brands; One of my favorite clad cookware is from Cuisinart. See;

Cuisinart Multiclad Pro Stainless Steel 12 Piece Cookware set

Emeril Pro-Clad Tri-Ply Stainless-Steel 10-Piece Cookware Set

Can I put my all-clad pan in to oven safely?

According to All-clad website information, each one of All-Clad’s five collections are oven-safe. Non-stick items can be put into an oven that is up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

How can I make my nonstick cookware last longer?

Hand washing your non-stick cookware will help it last longer, as dishwasher detergents are usually too harsh for the non-stick coating. Make sure you thoroughly clean the pan immediately after each cooking job, because any oil residue could bake into the coating every time you put it on fire, as it reduces its effect of non-stick quality. Clean it with a dishcloth or soft sponge, never use steel wool to scrub off any stuck food pieces. Instead soak in luke warm water for little while before scrubbing it off with soft sponge.

Avoid preheating nonstick pots and pans before adding food, specially over 450 degree. Also, don’t use metal spoons or spatula to stir food inside the non-stick pans, use wooden and rubber spatula instead.

How to season Lodge cast iron skillet?

Here is the process for preparing to season the cast iron skillet, per Lodge’s site. Wash your Lodge cast iron skillet with hot water and a scrub brush. Towel dry the skillet. Use a paper towel to coat the inside and outside of the skillet with a layer of vegetable oil such as peanut oil in a thin layer.

To season the skillet, place an cookware upside down in top rach of the oven, and line the bottom of your oven with a piece of aluminum foil to catch any oil that drips off the skillet. Heat the oven to 350 degrees F. Leave it in the hot oven for one hour. Turn oven off and let the cookware cool in the oven before taking it out.

How to take care for nonstick Calphalon pans?

Do not use the pan in high heat, or heat a empty pan as it can cause the coating to peel away. Use silicon, wooden or plastic utensils with the nonstick cookware. Do not use metal spatula, only use sillicon, rubber or wooden stencils with your non-stick Caphalon. You can use nonstick Calphalon pans in the oven up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to clean your non-stick pans?

You can hand wash the non-stick pan using mild dish soap and soft sponge. Wait until pan is cooled off before washing. If your pan is not made of anodized aluminimum, it can be placed in dish washer to clean.
To remove any stuck-on food, use a soft plastic scrub-brush or sponge and a gentle and mild soap.

Is my stainless steel pan oven proof?

High-quality stainless steel cookware is generally oven proof, and some are even safe to use in the broiler. However, check the instructions that came with your cookware to make sure before putting any cookware in your oven.



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