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Rice seems to be the easiest dish to make but making a perfect dish is not always so simple. I know as I have tried many ways to make fluffy and tender rice. After many failed attempt after burning and making sticky and gooey mess, I have found a simple method that I want to share with you all.

Here are some of the tips that help you make perfect, tender rice on your stove top.

  1. There are many type and variety of grains and depending on type of rice, it will need different amount of water to cook those grains. The most common type of rice are long grain, short grain, brown, sushi, and mix grains. Read your manufacture guide from the box or bag to determined amount of water needed to cook it.
  2. My grandmother always rinsed the rice twice in warm water before cooking it, so I follow her method for making fluffy dish with separated grains. Make sure most of white residue are gone in rinsing process.
  3. Most variety will need 1 cup grains to 1.5 cup of water, some other type will need 1 cup grains to 3 cup water ratio. Short grains will need more water, while long grain grain will need less.
  4. Put little broth or little butter before cooking to make plain rice flavorful and tasty. It always works for me.
  5. If you are cooking in pot, put a lid on the top of the sauce pan to keep the heat inside and do not open lid often. Unless you are cooking risotto, this method works very well. For making risotto, one will need to continuously stirred the rice in a sauce pan.
  6. When rice is perfect tender to bite or on fork, take it out from stove and let it sit for 10 minutes and fluff it with fork before serving it.
  7. If everything fails, try using electric rice cooker to make cooking process even more simple and easy.

Enjoy your perfect rice with vegetable stew or Chinese stir fry.

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