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Most of the bake ware are non-metallic cookware and can be used both in conventional and microwave ovens. Except a few ceramic cookware from Corningware brand, most non metallic cookware can not be used on stove top. However, they make part of complete cookware solution and let’s look at a few of these material in details.


There are generally 2 types of ceramics cookware found, one is glazed one such as porcelain and other one is unglazed such as Terra cotta cookware. Some of the glazed ceramics in past have held high levels of lead, so before buying one, make sure it is lead free to avoid any health risk. Terra cotta has porous surface and suck lot of liquid and are good for steaming the food.

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Glass and Glass Ceramic

Pyrex and Corningware brands has a good selection of glass cookware and storage solution. Good benefit of glass cookware is where you can see the food and its color during cooking time. Most Pyrex glassware are safe at oven high heat but does not do well with high temperature fluctuation such as taking from freezer to oven directly. You may want to thaw the frozen food in glassware before putting it in oven. Only exception is to get glass ceramic cookware which can be taken directly from deep freezer to stove top.

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Colorful and light silicon bake ware are in much demand today. It is not only light, but flexible and able to stand high oven temperature over 650 F degree. This is different material then silicone resin that is most used in children dishware which is not oven proof. Silicon bake ware and oven gloves comes in various designs, fun colors. The material is quite bendable making it easy for cake or muffin to come out easily.

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