How to Host a Fun Holloween Party

Halloween gathering can be fun, spooky and spectacular if we can make some plan ahead and share the joy of bringing great food. Here are 7 ways to have a fun, frolic and happy party that you and your guest will enjoy.

1. Plan party at house or some place cheap enough to rent. Depending on people, you can choose to host at home, if there is large crowd, renting might save you headache of cleaning up later after the party is over.

2. Ask everyone to dress up in fun costumes. People can wear old 70’s clothes from their parents, or make some of their creative design or you can buy cheap but quality costumes from a thrift store or grab one from costume rental place.

3. Plan for a pot luck meal so host does not have to do all work. Friends can bring, drinks, finger foods, dips and chips, pizza, pasta, and cup cakes with orange frosting can do wonder. Many time simple things works the best during gathering like this.

4. To be environment friendly and to save money, we have bought some spooky cats square dish a few years ago and they are still hit at our annual Halloween party!

5. Ask everyone to bring a pumpkin and have some extra pumpkins for back up. Provide carving tools and design to do carving competition. One tip, do it before it gets dark so you can place a candle inside your jack-o-lantern.

6. Have a spooky music such as Micheal Jackson’s “Thriller” to dance to. Many will know the steps, and even if they do not, they can still improvise and dance along just for fun!

7. If there are small kids or grandparents presents, plan activities for them such that everyone can take part and have fun. Be safe and have great fun.

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